Unlocking Your Creative Bug...

Unlocking Your Creative Bug...

If you know me then you know I can not draw a straight line to save my life, which is why I love technology so much.  I can use digital tools to create and no one will ever know I have a shaky hand or no confidence.  My little brother and sister were both bitten by the artistic bug.  I don't know how they can get the images in their minds out and onto a canvas.

For the past year I've noticed people attending these Social-Paining parties and leaving with a work of art. Eric and I thought we would give it a shot, at the least our art work would be an abstract piece.

To my surprise the painting process was very easy.  I truly thought I couldn't do it.  It was hard to get over the hurdle I had to make it perfect and that it needed to look like a picture.  The hardest part for me other than worrying about straight lines was waiting in between the drying times. Which is why painting with friends make it so enjoyable and understand why Social-Painting parties are becoming very popular.

I learned a very important lesson.  Art isn't about making straight lines or even staying within the lines.  It's about expressing yourself and leaving your heart and soul out for your loved ones to experience.  Eric and I hadn't told our kids where we went or what we were doing.  We had left our pieces of art on the dinning room table.  Their reaction to our little adventure was priceless.  I loved hearing "Wow, you painted that!"  followed by I bet mom augments them.

Now I have a better appreciation of what my brother and sister feel when they share their art work.

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