In Front of the Green-Screen...

In Front of the Green-Screen...

Today we started our recordings in front of the green-screen.  My Social Studies classes are currently studying Ancient Greece.  The 1st part of our Ancient Greece project was the Greek Language and students had to create a name tag of their name in Ancient Greek writing.  Then over Spring Break they had to pick a project to create.  I had several from which they could pick from.  They not only had to make the item but they had to do some research about the item they made.  They were required to write a paragraph or two describing their project and the facts they found out about it.  They were also required to use to cite their resources.  When we returned from Spring Break my students were then instructed to take several photographs of their project.  They are also required to record themselves in front of the green-screen talking about the project they picked.

We will take their green-screen recordings and overlay them on top of the photographs they took, so it will look like their project is showing behind them.  We will use their video to make an Augmented Reality project that will also include their name tag and their presentation over Ancient Greece.  We will hang their name tags on the wall with instructions on which app to use to scan and see the Augmented Reality.

We are just starting so I will have tips and tricks for you later after I figure out a few things.

My Recording:

Student Recordings:

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