Ethan in the Clouds....

Ethan in the Clouds ....

I recently attending the MACE 2013 conference in Manhattan, KS.  One of the session I attended was Digital Media and the use of Green-Screens and Digital Storytelling.  During Spring Break I took a portion of one of my classroom walls and painted it green.  My son Ethan had to be my 1st victim, I mean volunteer to demonstrate the use of a Green-Screen.  Using iMovie I made a 50 second clip putting Ethan in various scenic photographs.  

You can use still photographs or video clips and overlay on top of either another photograph or video clip as long as your main subject is in front of a green or blue screen.

My Goal: 

I teach my students how to draw using Google Draw.  This nine weeks they will be working on a creative writing project were they will use Google Draw to illustrate their story. Once they are done with their story they will tell their story infront of the Green-Screen.  I will them show them how to overlay their video of them telling their story on their illustrations.  My vision is to have my students become apart of their story.

Tech Tips:

  • If you are wearing green don't be in front of the Green-Screen.
  • Use a lot of light to get rid of shadows.
  • Turn on Advance Settings in iMovie.

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