Sparking Ideas....

Sparking Ideas ....

Pinterest is wonderful for sparking ideas.  I really like looking through Pinterest to see what other people are making, baking, or saving for later.  I have board in Pinterest of some of things I've made thanks to other people either creating and sharing or finding it and saving it for later.  For Easter I saw that someone made a wreath using plastic eggs.  I spent $2.00 on a bag of medium plastic eggs and $1.00 on a bag of small plastic eggs.  A hot glue gun, an unfinished wreath, and 45 minutes later I had this cute Easter Egg Wreath I can hang in my classroom.


  • Follow people in Pinterest that have the same interest as you.
  • Keep your boards organized.
  • Share what you are making, baking, or saving.
  • Make sure the link you pin is not broken.

Some of My Boards:

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