Digital Game Boards

 Digital Game Boards

Who does not like to play a game, board game, card game, trivia, a puzzle, etc? We learn through play, it’s in our human nature. That is why we see play kitchen play sets, tool play sets, doctor play sets, veterinary play sets, etc. We learn best by playing, experimenting, and exploring. One of my personal and professional goals was to create a digital game board for my 8th-grade Computer Application classes to introduce Spreadsheets. In the past I have used Spreadsheet Battleship, Sudoku, and other interactive digital games. I do this one to capture the attention of my students, two change the perspective of how spreadsheets can be used, and three to inspire.

The digital tool that I used to construct my digital game board is Flippity. I love the tools Flippity has created that make learning fun and engaging. Flippity has created spreadsheet templates that are amazing. All you have to do is replace their content with yours. Once you have personalized the content the key to making it work is sharing the spreadsheet to the World Wide Web, a.k.a. the internet by publishing it to the web. Flippity offers step-by-step instructions, as well as frequently asked questions. All to aid in a positive experience in using their tools.  

Here is the game I created for my 8th-grade Computer Application classes. Feel free to personalize it to meet your needs. I did use my Bitmoji and Google Draw in creating some of my squares. The key in using that method in creating my squares is by publishing my Google Drawings to the web and using that url in the Flippity template.

8th-grade Computer Application Trivia - File

8th-grade Computer Applications Trivia - Game

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