Let's Make 10 with Augmented Reality ....

Let's Make 10 with Augmented Reality ....

I was inspired by Keven to create a Let's Make 10 augmented interactive board.  He was trying to use Aurasma and was having some issues.  So I thought I might give it a shot and see if I can get it to work. I really loved the idea of an interactive Let's Make 10 board using augmented reality.  When it comes to creating augmented triggers your triggers have to be very unique.  Color really doesn't have an effect on the how unique the trigger is.  It is more the contrast between the lines and shapes within the trigger.

So what I did was make each number as unique as I could with different lines, shapes and contrast between them.  I placed the combination of numbers that created 10 together on the board and took a close up picture of the 2 numbers together on the board.  I uploaded the combination for 10 into the Blippar's Blipbuilder and created a Blip within my Math folder.  I tied an image that says Correct to the Blip.  So when those combinations of those numbers are scanned the image "Correct" will pop out on the iPad.  I wanted to do a set of combinations that are not correct and tie a "Sorry Try Again" image but the app was getting confused.

Keep in mind this is not perfect.  When you are scanning to see if you make 10 scan the whole board. Make sure the board fills the whole screen of your device.  After each scan click on the X at the top right side of your screen to clear the scan.  You may even need to shrink or close the app between scans.  This will help clear the Blippar app and not confuse it.  Before you start scanning make sure you have gone to the settings within the Blippar app and enter the code "18296".  If you don't make 10 you should see an image from Blippar asking you if you need help scanning, just click NO and try a new number combination.

This interactive augmented board will only work with the Let's Make 10 numbers.  You can print these numbers in Black and White or Color.  You can also print the board and numbers on colored paper.  I suggest if you are wanting to use this game with multiple kids print the board and numbers in sets with different colored paper or colored card stock.  You can even laminate the board and numbers.

Thanks Kevin for the idea!

Let's Make 10 Augmented Game:

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.


  1. Dear Dorie, You, techie chick, are speaking in a language I have no way to comprehend. 'Splain when you have time. The vocabulary is a mystery, entendie?

  2. Eva augmented reality is when you take something that is physical like a photo and overlay a digital component. For example the Let's Make 10 game board is the physical item and when the correct numbers are paired up and scanned with the Blippar app the digital component will appear.

  3. Was the link supposed to share your game? Nothing happened when I clicked on it... this is an interesting way to use aurasma! Unfortunately like Keven, I tried this app last year and didn't have much success. I was trying to have kids take a picture of their art work and link a video of them talking about the process of making the art. Was so bummed it would work for some and not for others. Would love to give it another chance. :-)

  4. The link should take you to my TPT page where you can download the game. I am also sorry to hear that Aurasma wasn't a success for you. Feel free to contact me and I can help you with another platform.



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