Christmas in Chromville ....

Christmas in Chromville ....

Augmented reality is a fun way in getting kids reading and writing.  Chromville also agrees and has created a contest to give away some pretty cool Chromville prizes.

Their contest:

Do you like reading stories? Follow them on Facebook because along this month they will publish the first Chromville tale! Get ready to accept the challenge. All the participants will be include in the sweepstake of one Chromville pack!

Complete any of this steps (the more you do, the better!)
Follow us on Facebook
Comment any of our post about our Christmas story.
Share any of our Facebook posts.
Complete the challenge that is at the end of the Facebook post. (Come on, it will be fun!)

The winner will be announced in December 28!

The Chromville Christmas Challenge:

Chromville wants to invite you to take part in their Christmas challenge. The winner will get 5 free codes of Chromville World!

The Steps:

1. Download their Christmas material (for free):
Christmas cozy picture: learn about the Christmas plants and the decoration elements with the Chromers. Include whatever you want to make more beatiful the illustration!
2D material to build up a Christmas handmade gift box. The best option to hide a special present for your loved ones!
Christmas Augmented Reality postcard to wish Merry Christmas to all your family and friends. Remember, it is included in the first Chromville app!

2. Show your activity on your own blog: everybody will see how creative your are students!

3. Share your post with them on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube). The more you do it, the better!

4. The most creative post will be the winner. Do your best!

Don’t forget to mention Chromville, it is needed to be included in the contest!

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