Green-Screen Effect on the iPad ....

Green-Screen Effect on the iPad ....

with Katie Ann Wilson

After I started in using my Green-Screen in my classroom it became a buzz around our school.  Since I have computers I can use to create the Green-Screen effect teachers that have iPads asked if there was an app for that.  I did a little digging and research, even though there is an iMovie app it does not do the Green-Screen effect at this time.  This discovery made me look into other apps and if it was even possible to create the Green-Screen effect with the iPad and not costing an arm and a leg.  My search lead me to Veescope Full.  The app does coast $2.99 but I think it worth it.  Veescope Full is very easy to use.  You select an image from your Photo Library on your iPad, stand in front of your Green-Screen, or in my case my green wall and record.  The image you had picked from your Photo Library is now your background.  Once you finish with your recording it saves in your Photo Library on your iPad.  You can share it like you would any video or photo. 

I have tried doing the Green-Screen effect just using my iPad to record and doing the effect in iMovie on the computer.  Now that I have used the iPad to create the Green-Screen effect video I have to say the Veescope Full app is much easier.  The only issue I had and this could be the techie in me is that you can't change the background image during a recording unless you stopped the recording change the background and then continued recording.  Maybe in the future the company will add a feature that will let you rotate background images while recording.  


  • Do not download the Live version.  It will cost you $2.99 in app purchase to create a Green-Screen effect video.  Download the FULL version.
  • You can really use any solid color to do the effect, just don't let the person recording wear the same color as the background they are standing in front of.  I did find out that green is still the best color to use.
  • Invest in a tripod and iPad mount to help keep your videos from having the swaying feel to them.  
  • Record in a silent area.


I am now offering some courses/workshops on the topic of Green-Screen an iPad.

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  1. Thank You for this advice I can't wait to try it for our current events newsreaders assignment!

  2. Anonymous11/18/2013

    Hey Techie Chick,

    I am trying this app as an alternative to iMovie, but I can't figure out how to put the image behind the kids. Do you know of any tutorials?

  3. This app works great by itself or with iMovie. I do have a tutorial. I have it set up so you can receive PD points.

  4. Hi Techie Chick! Thanks for the tip, I'll look at this one. But we've been using Green Screen app by Do Ink and it works pretty great. Three layers-- drop in multiple background images or videos, then record you/student in front of green screen right in the app, drops it into the second layer. Only thing is you can't stop and start the recording-- only goes back to the beginning to re-record. To me, that's the only thing that's better with iMovie. BUT you can't do it in the iMovie app-- aaarrrrrgh...

  5. i got a lot of infos and advices by this post thank you so much really


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