Digital Storytelling the Green-Screen Way....

Digital Storytelling the Green-Screen Way....

As part as a rule I have for myself I never have my students do anything I haven't done.  So with that in mind I created a digital story with a green-screen effect.  Their assignment was to illustrate a story using Google Draw and then record themselves telling their story in front of the green-screen.  After they are done recording their story then they are to import their video into iMovie and put together their Digital Story with a little help from me.

The 1st step in creating a green-screen effect digital story is to have your illustrations done first followed by your story typed up.  It is best to memorize your story so that you appear that you are telling your story not reading it from a script.  I do recommend that you practice several times telling your story in front of the green-screen before you record it.

Here is my story I created for my students.


  • Draw your illustrations.  (I used Google Draw.)
  • Record in front of the green-screen telling the story.  (I used the video recorder on my iPad.)
  • Import your video into iMovie.
  • On the story board in iMovie drag and drop your illustrations in order.  You can change the timing of your pictures.  On most of my illustrations I had them timed to 10 seconds.
  • Add a Title and the Author.
  • Change the Preference settings in iMovie so that you can see the Advance Tools. (You only have to do this once.)
  • Drag your video and drop it onto your illustrations on the story board.  You will see a Green Circle with a Plus Sign.  When you do drop your video and choose Green-Screen.
  • Adjust your timing so that your illustrations match up with your story telling.  (This does take practice.)
  • Share your creation.  I uploaded my story to my teacher YouTube account.


  • Record in a quiet room.
  • Be patient.
  • Make sure you have Advance Tools showing in iMovie.

Your story board should look like this once you have overlaid your video
on top of your illustrations.
I did find an iPad app that does do Green-Screen effects.  I will post more information about the app once I have had a chance to really play with it.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I am having my students do something similar with book reports. They are importing images from their book and giving the book report with a green screen! Your idea will be a great "next step!"

  2. I am so happy you loved it. I can't wait to showcase some of my students' stories.

  3. Can I be in your class? You have very lucky students, you amaze me with your efforts and especially for sharing ideas. Thank you

  4. Thank you for the nice comment. I have 1 student this year that may not think he is so lucky. I get the honor of teaching my youngest son again this year.


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