Digital World Meets Reality With AR....

Digital World Meets Reality With AR....

To define augmented reality it is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device such as an iPad.

My Social Studies students created an AR project with the use of the LAYAR Creator and the LAYAR App.  

How We Created the Project:

  • Students drew on paper their name in Greek. (Make sure to use bold colors.)
  • Name tags were scanned to make them digital.
  • We uploaded the digital name tags to the Layar Creator. (This becomes your trigger image.)
  • We had already created our Ancient Greece Artifact Videos (with Green-Screen effect) and our Ancient Greece Presentations via Prezi.  After we uploaded the digital name tages students were able to overlay their videos and presentation on top of their digital name tag in the Layar Creator
  • When everything was in place we then published our AR Campaign to make it live.
  • We tested our creations by scanning the original drawings with the Layar app


  • If creating an image on paper make sure the colors are bold or well defined.
  • You have to verify your Layar account via email before you can publish.
  • Make all trigger images digital if you are creating them on paper, clay, poster, and etc...  Scan the trigger image or take a digital photo.

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