Gone Google Story Builder...

Gone Google Story Builder ...

On my down time I like to poke around and surf the internet.  I love stumbling on something new and teaching myself how it works and finding ways I can use it in my classroom.  This weekend I discovered Gone Google Story Builder.  What Gone Google Story Builder does is creates a video of your writing process.  You can have characters, writers, and etc... You type in the windows what each person or character says and the Gone Google Story Builder builds a video.  You can even add music!  You really have to try it for yourself to see it.

Ideas for Gone Google Story Builder:

  • Great way to teach students the process of writing.
  • Great way to visually see a story/writing come to life.
  • Great way to Collaborate.

Here is my little creation: 


  1. Anonymous4/06/2014

    Video says it is private.

  2. Sorry about that. Not sure why it is doing that. I removed it and just kept the link to it.


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