Lights, Camera, Recognition ....

Lights, Camera, Recognition ....

I bet you are wondering what in the heck is a Bammy Award and why does Katie Ann what to bring attention to it.  The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International is aiming to change the publics perception the voices of educators.

Bammy nominations are made by the Academy which is made up of very accomplished, respected and recognized education leaders.  I am currently on the level of Community Votes and am trying to get the Academy's attention.  With your help and votes I could get the attention of the Academy and be honored with a Bammy Award for the 21st Century skills my students and I are working on.  The more Community Votes I get the more likely the Academy will take a closer look at my classroom via social media and my classroom website.

I would like to show that I bring positive recognition to the education field, myself and Pratt USD 382.  So spread the word and help me get the attention of the Academy!


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