Creating AR with the Daqri 4D Studio....

Creating AR with the Daqri 4D Studio....

Augmented reality isn't anything new, it has been around for a while now. Creating your own augmented reality on the other hand has only been available in the recent few years.  This spring Daqri released their 4D studio to the education community. Out of all of the augmented reality creators I have used this one is by far the friendliest one to use. When I talk to others about creating augmented reality I hear; "That is too techie for me.", or "I just can't wrap my head around how it works.", or "There is no way I will be able to create something like that."  Let me ask you a few questions then.
  • Can you drag and drop?
  • Can you copy and paste?
  • Can you click on a button that says upload?
  • Can you click on a Plus Sign to start a new project?
  • Can you click on a button that says Save?
  • Can you click on a button that says Publish?
If you answered yes to these questions then you can create an augmented reality trigger.

For Podstock I created a mini tutorial on how to create a augmented reality trigger. Daqri did change a few things in their studio but it will not effect how you create a trigger.  You will just notice my screenshots just look a hair different.  I had put my tutorial in a NearPod presentation so I could monitor who accessed the presentation and evaluate their knowledge about the topic.  I will post the link to that as well.  Feel free to use the Google Presentation or the NearPod one. 

Just keep in mind this is a very basic tutorial.  I plan on creating more in depth ones soon. 


Bringing Learning to Life....

Bringing Learning to Life....

My T-shirt that I added Augmented Reality to.
This summer I set out to teach as many people as I could about creating augmented reality or use already created triggers.  I attended an edCamp and brought augmented reality to the attendees.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and presented at edCamp Home on augmented reality as well as did a hands-on workshop at Podstock.  In reaching out to others I thought a community or group was needed to keep connected with those I've reached out to.  With that thought in mind I created 2 groups.  They are both considered a private group where I have to approve your entrance into the group.  I really love Edmodo and their platform they have created.  I like that I can share folders as well as resources to those in the group.  Edmodo also has a place where you can communicate, ask questions, post ideas and etc... I noticed after setting up the group in Edmodo that some people were not as comfortable with that form of group so I created a Google+ community.  I was able to tie my Edmodo folders to my Google+ community so that people in both groups would still have access to all of the content I am sharing.

The resources I am sharing are pre-created augmented reality triggers.  Triggers are images that when scanned with the correct app will give you a unique experience by added an augmented reality component or items.  I am also posting the apps that are needed to use these triggers.  I will also be sharing how to create your own augmented reality triggers with the help of Daqir's 4D studio. The groups are also a way for others to ask questions, get help, share ideas, and etc...

If you are an Edmodo user and would love to join the Augmented Reality group for Educators feel free to join and share.  If you would rather join the Google + Augmented Reality for Educators Community feel free to join and share too.  If you want to join both feel free to do so.

The Groups:

Click here to view my interview with Chromville.

"Bring Learning to Life one Augmented Reality Trigger at a Time"

AR vs QR....

AR vs QR ....

I get asked all the time what is the difference between using a QR code in the classroom verses an augmented reality trigger. QR codes will take you to one item such as a website, document, sound file, a picture, or a video.  It is computer generated and can look like another QR code, unless you label it in some way.  An augmented reality trigger takes the experience to a whole new level.  Any item as long as you make it digital can become a trigger.  Some examples of augmented reality triggers could be your bulletin board, a fundraiser t-shirt, a poster on a wall, student artwork, or a slide to a presentation. The possibilities are literally endless.  With augmented reality you can add multiple items to your trigger and make the experience interactive.

Example of an Augmented Reality Experience:

Your class is reading say the book Charlotte's Web.  Have your students create their own cover of the book that best represents the main idea.  They could use any iPad art app, Google Draw, or even the old crayon and paper tools to create this cover.  If they draw it on paper scan it to make it digital.  Now put that student created work into the Daqri 4D Studio and start adding interactive elements.  You could add a video clip of the student explaining or comparing the book to a real life situation. You can also add a link to the author's website along with a student created presentation of some kind of the student retailing the story.  You could even add a slideshow of all the artwork or illustrations for the book the student created representing the characters, rise in action, the climax, and the solution.

Once your students are done you can hang their book covers in the hallway with a little note that says "Scan with the Daqri app to learn more about Charlotte's Web.".

Which experience would you like to have?  Would you like to scan a QR code and visit the author's website or scan a student created book cover and have multiple elements you can interact with.


My Reflection of Podstock '14

My Reflection of Podstock '14

Podstock is one of my favorite conferences to attend.  I have only missed 2 of them since they started.  When I first met this group of educators and they were all dressed up like hippies I had my doubts, but they open their hearts and welcomed me in just like family.  The conference is more than just about learning it is about building relationships with other educators from around the world.  

Even though I live little over an hour away from Wichita I like to stay overnight and participate in the extra activities.  This year Podstock added a Pine Derby Car race. It was a lot of fun connected with others while sanding, painting, and decorating my little car.  I do have to say that my little car did beat a guy or two.  The reception is always a lot of fun as well.  The 1st year, if I remember correctly, the dance was both online via 2nd Life and in person.  I highly suggest that if you attend Podstock you should really participate in the little extras, it is always a lot of fun.  You never know you might win the next Photo Scavenger Hunt.

During the conference I attended several really great sessions.  I am trying to get out of my introvert shell so I picked session that I thought would help me do that.  I also tried to take selfies, which is very hard for me to do.  The Improv session was a amazing.  I never stopped and thought about some of the "Improv Games" that you play could relate right back to education.  If you think about it you are developing listening skills, character building skills, speaking skills, problem solving skills and face it, it is a lot of fun being a little goofy.

I try to submit a proposal every year to be a presenter, so far every time I've submitted I've been approved. This year I did a presentation on creating augmented reality.  My goal was to have a hands on session were by the time the attendees left the session they had created an augmented reality trigger.  In a perfect world that would have been amazing, but that didn't happen.  I learned that I need to have my own hot spot so I don't have to battle with a conference's WiFi, now only if I can convince my husband.  One of the things I hope the attendees of my session took away was that you can turn anything into a trigger.  For the conference I had made my avatar a trigger so when you scanned it you got more information about me.  I also designed a shirt for Podstock and turned that into a trigger, so when you scanned it you got information about Podstock.  To help others I created an Edmodo group and a Google+ community were educators can connect, get help, and share their experiences with augmented reality. I have tons of pre-made AR triggers saved in the groups and a list of AR apps. Feel free to join the community or group.


Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

I had a great time at Podstock this year like most years.  I have a ton of take away moments and resources to share including photos from the photowalk.  I will be sharing those items soon.  This weekend I will be doing the one thing I really hate to do which is studying for a test.  I would rather prove to you that I know the content, topic, or subject by creating something.  When it comes to tests I always seem to second guess myself, over think the question, or just get flustered.  I know how kids feel when it comes to those standardized tests, which is why I do not give tests.  I have my students produce and prove that they know how to the task at hand.  If my students can show me or tell me then I know that they understand.  I also have them help others, show others, and explain to others what they have learned. Normally it is a win win for me until I have to put a grade value on their understanding.

This weekend when I should be reflecting and sharing my experience from Podstock I will be reviewing and studying for my ESOL endorsement test which I get to take on Monday.  After Monday look for my Podstock 2014 post on Becoming a Superhero in your classroom.  I guess now I should stop procrastinating and get busy studying.  Wish me luck!

Getting Ready to Become a Superhero....

Getting Ready to Become a Superhero....

Scan with Daqri & Layar
I've packed my iPad, my Google Glasses, some augmented reality items, and of course my cape as I prepare to fly down the highway to Podstock.  In preparation for my augmented reality workshop I have created a few triggers.  You will need to download the Daqri app and the Layar app to activate their superpower.  The avatar of my super self can be scanned with both the Layar app and the Daqri app.  The picture of my wall scan with the Daqri app.

I have also created a Edmodo group just for teachers to get help with creating their own augmented reality triggers.  In the group I have folders full of helpful resources and other types of augmented reality triggers. Feel free to join the group, ask questions and use my resources.  I am here to lend a helping hand.

If you are attending Podstock this year feel free to connect with me.

Scan with Daqri


EdcampHome 3.0...

EdcampHome 3.0...

On July 11th I participated in EdcampHome 3.0.  I had participated in EdcampHome 2.0 as a participant and really enjoyed connecting with educators from around the world from the comfort of my home.  Being a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a teacher, a trainer, and a presenter it is nice to be able to connect and share with others in between making dinner and reading bedtime stories.  This time I stepped out of my comfort zone and offered to lead a session.  I have done Google Hangouts before so I thought what the heck and try my hand on a Google On Air. I ended up leading two session on the topic of Creating Augmented Reality.  The 1st session I pretty much was talking to myself since I didn't have anyone join in on the call, which was OK.  I knew it was recorded and was going to be saved on the EdcampHome page for others to go back and watch.  The second session went a lot better since I had people joined in on the call.  I suggest you watch the 2nd one.

I really enjoyed sharing how to create augmented reality, it has become one of my favorite past times.  I will be doing a workshop for Podstock on the subject so I created an online group for other to join and get help with creating their own augmented reality.  If you are needing help or would like to learn more about creating augmented reality feel free to watch the recordings and join my group.  I do have to approve your request to join the group, so please give me at least 24 hours to do so.

I also wanted to make sure I thank the organizers of EdcampHome.  You did a great job and I believe that it went pretty smooth.


My Take Away from ISTE....

My Take Away from ISTE....

When it comes to teaching 21st Century Skills do not focus on the technology or device, focus on the learning.  Lets not make a presentation  just to make one.  Lets make an awareness, start a conversation, challenge minds, and build relationships.  Use the tools such as Prezi, iMovie, VoiceThread, and etc... to reach the outcome.  Lets also give our students choices on how they want to make their argument, collaborate on a topic, or share their stories.  Lets allow them to learn from their mistakes and try new things.  The best remark a presenter said was; "We didn't just one day wake up and say to ourselves that we are going to ride our bikes with no training wheels.  We tried, we fell down, and we got back up, but we finally learned.  That is the experience our students need."

If you plan on going to a large conference such as ISTE go with a buddy or a small group.  Going by yourself can be a little overwhelming at times, plus you have some one to share with.  You should also make connections with other educators.  While I was at ISTE I tried to meet up with some of the great educators I follow on Twitter. Some where quick just to say hi and others ended up being long meaningful conversations that you can't have on Twitter.  Take a few hours and see the sites or just to take a break.  I went to the Aquarium, a Braves game, and the Zoo.  These conferences are not just to learn but also to have a little fun.

Below are some of the tools I played around with at ISTE.  I have several more but I want to play around with them 1st before I share them.

Some Tools:

Educators to Follow:

  • Chris Lehmann - @chrislehmann
  • Angela Maiers - @AngelaMaiers
  • Melissa Edwards - @mwedwards
  • Holly Clark - @HollyClarkEdu
  • Rich Kiker - @rkiker

Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?

I've been traveling for the past few weeks so I really hadn't had a chance to collect my thoughts and to reflect my experience at ISTE.  Since my school wasn't going to send me to ISTE and I didn't have a sponsor so to say to help pay I had to justify the trip.  For a small town teacher in the middle of Kansas traveling all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to a 4 day costly conference is a little pricey.  In order to justify the cost I turned it into a family vacation.  I needed up dividing my time between sessions at ISTE and with my family.  I was excited to be one of the 20,000 people who traveled to Atlanta for this amazing chance to learn and connect with other educators from around the world.  In December I had learned that my proposed workshop for ISTE was accepted.  Before ISTE got under way I was notified that my session had been canceled due to lack of people signing up for the workshop.  I was a little disappointed but still stoked that I was going to be in Atlanta for the conference.  I had not been to an ISTE conference before so I was very excited to see where this avenue was going to take me.

During my time at ISTE I noticed myself becoming very frustrated and a little disappointed.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I hadn't expected myself to be frustrated.  I knew ahead of time not to try to do everything and to mark the sessions I would like to attended, which was my plan.  What had frustrated me was the 1st few sessions I attended where focused on the technology and teaching kids and or parents how to use it.  I found myself questioning why do we need to teach them how to use the device, the technology isn't anything we haven't seen in the past decade.  I also found myself remembering the keynote from iPadpoolza and the "Hole in the Wall" experiment.  Give the kids the device let them explore it and focus on the learning.  What is the objective? What do you want the kids to learn?  What are they going to take away from this experience?

A couple of other session I attended gave me lists of apps.  Which was OK but I wanted more, not more
apps but more like why these apps.  Why should I use these apps other than they are fun and entertaining? What is their purpose, what will I learn or my students from using these apps?  I guess I would rather go a inch wide and a mile deep rather than a mile wide and inch deep.  I think I would like to have a handful of very useful meaningful apps that make me think at a higher level than 50 million apps that are just fun.

When I wasn't at a session I found quiet places to sit and think.  While I sat and thought I noticed people having trouble connecting to the network, using an app, or just normal tech issues so I would lend a hand.  A teacher from New Jersey had been watching me.  She had asked for help with her iPad even though she didn't really need it to break the ice and talk with me.  She had noticed I was a little frustrated and wanted to help.  I explained to her my frustration.  She looked at me and asked if I ever noticed the signs that are all around me.  I was very confused and asked her to explain what she meant.  She explained while she watched me helping others that she had Google me (since she saw my name on my badge) and found both my blog and my resume site.  She had scanned them both and noticed all the presentations in this year alone I had done.

She was a very straight forward person and just came out and told me what she saw.  To her I seemed like a quiet person with a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to technology and education, I could probable fix or solve a issue with my eyes closed.  I just need someone to brake the ice, which is why she asked for help.  She went on to explain that people see great things in me which is why my proposals keep getting excepted. I just need to find the one thing that helps me stand out.  We hear you, now we need to see you; those words struck home.  She went on to explain that I need to make connections that will take me to where I want to go.  Then she ask the questions that has been asked to me several times these past two months, "Where do you want to go?". In my heart I scream I want to go everywhere, but I know that is not possible.  Where can this small town Kansas girl go?  There is no industry of any kind in my town, and differently no tech education companies.  I also have 2 kids in high school and 1 starting kindergarten, it would be hard to transplant my teenagers to another school.  If we were to relocate where would my husband work? I could say is I am not sure.  I am growing personally and professionally I just not sure where it is heading.  Her advice to me was to make connections, soon the right door and window will open.

Before she got up to head for session she looked at me with a smile and told me great things will come my way.  I thanked her for the talk, I think I really needed to hear it.  Keep your eyes open as I find away for you to start to see me know.

Don't worry I will be sharing my notes from ISTE 2014 very soon.