Creating AR with the Daqri 4D Studio....

Creating AR with the Daqri 4D Studio....

Augmented reality isn't anything new, it has been around for a while now. Creating your own augmented reality on the other hand has only been available in the recent few years.  This spring Daqri released their 4D studio to the education community. Out of all of the augmented reality creators I have used this one is by far the friendliest one to use. When I talk to others about creating augmented reality I hear; "That is too techie for me.", or "I just can't wrap my head around how it works.", or "There is no way I will be able to create something like that."  Let me ask you a few questions then.
  • Can you drag and drop?
  • Can you copy and paste?
  • Can you click on a button that says upload?
  • Can you click on a Plus Sign to start a new project?
  • Can you click on a button that says Save?
  • Can you click on a button that says Publish?
If you answered yes to these questions then you can create an augmented reality trigger.

For Podstock I created a mini tutorial on how to create a augmented reality trigger. Daqri did change a few things in their studio but it will not effect how you create a trigger.  You will just notice my screenshots just look a hair different.  I had put my tutorial in a NearPod presentation so I could monitor who accessed the presentation and evaluate their knowledge about the topic.  I will post the link to that as well.  Feel free to use the Google Presentation or the NearPod one. 

Just keep in mind this is a very basic tutorial.  I plan on creating more in depth ones soon. 



  1. I would love to try this out, but the link takes me to a page not there and I can't find anything on the Daqri website about an educators login. Do they still have it?

  2. Daqri is changing things. I do have their current resources, or what I have access to on my AR resource page. If you already have an account you can login. I am not sure how they are going to handle the educator request for an account now.


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