Getting Ready to Become a Superhero....

Getting Ready to Become a Superhero....

Scan with Daqri & Layar
I've packed my iPad, my Google Glasses, some augmented reality items, and of course my cape as I prepare to fly down the highway to Podstock.  In preparation for my augmented reality workshop I have created a few triggers.  You will need to download the Daqri app and the Layar app to activate their superpower.  The avatar of my super self can be scanned with both the Layar app and the Daqri app.  The picture of my wall scan with the Daqri app.

I have also created a Edmodo group just for teachers to get help with creating their own augmented reality triggers.  In the group I have folders full of helpful resources and other types of augmented reality triggers. Feel free to join the group, ask questions and use my resources.  I am here to lend a helping hand.

If you are attending Podstock this year feel free to connect with me.

Scan with Daqri


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