Bringing Learning to Life....

Bringing Learning to Life....

My T-shirt that I added Augmented Reality to.
This summer I set out to teach as many people as I could about creating augmented reality or use already created triggers.  I attended an edCamp and brought augmented reality to the attendees.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and presented at edCamp Home on augmented reality as well as did a hands-on workshop at Podstock.  In reaching out to others I thought a community or group was needed to keep connected with those I've reached out to.  With that thought in mind I created 2 groups.  They are both considered a private group where I have to approve your entrance into the group.  I really love Edmodo and their platform they have created.  I like that I can share folders as well as resources to those in the group.  Edmodo also has a place where you can communicate, ask questions, post ideas and etc... I noticed after setting up the group in Edmodo that some people were not as comfortable with that form of group so I created a Google+ community.  I was able to tie my Edmodo folders to my Google+ community so that people in both groups would still have access to all of the content I am sharing.

The resources I am sharing are pre-created augmented reality triggers.  Triggers are images that when scanned with the correct app will give you a unique experience by added an augmented reality component or items.  I am also posting the apps that are needed to use these triggers.  I will also be sharing how to create your own augmented reality triggers with the help of Daqir's 4D studio. The groups are also a way for others to ask questions, get help, share ideas, and etc...

If you are an Edmodo user and would love to join the Augmented Reality group for Educators feel free to join and share.  If you would rather join the Google + Augmented Reality for Educators Community feel free to join and share too.  If you want to join both feel free to do so.

The Groups:

Click here to view my interview with Chromville.

"Bring Learning to Life one Augmented Reality Trigger at a Time"

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