Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

I had a great time at Podstock this year like most years.  I have a ton of take away moments and resources to share including photos from the photowalk.  I will be sharing those items soon.  This weekend I will be doing the one thing I really hate to do which is studying for a test.  I would rather prove to you that I know the content, topic, or subject by creating something.  When it comes to tests I always seem to second guess myself, over think the question, or just get flustered.  I know how kids feel when it comes to those standardized tests, which is why I do not give tests.  I have my students produce and prove that they know how to the task at hand.  If my students can show me or tell me then I know that they understand.  I also have them help others, show others, and explain to others what they have learned. Normally it is a win win for me until I have to put a grade value on their understanding.

This weekend when I should be reflecting and sharing my experience from Podstock I will be reviewing and studying for my ESOL endorsement test which I get to take on Monday.  After Monday look for my Podstock 2014 post on Becoming a Superhero in your classroom.  I guess now I should stop procrastinating and get busy studying.  Wish me luck!

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