K-12 Serious Game Award Winners 2019 .....

K-12 Serious Game Award Winners 2019...

Game-based learning is one of the most effective learning environments in today's culture backed by research. To view some research on the topic of Game-based learning click HERE.

Serious Play Conference is an international conference that holds competitions for game-designed that focus on an educational element. Below are the 25 Education Games Winners that were cited for excellence.

I try to encourage educators and students to develop their own games and enter them in the Serious Play Competitions. If you would like more information on how to participate please feel free to reach out or visit their website.  https://seriousplay-ucf.com


25 Education Games for Use in K-12 Win Awards
In the International Serious Play Competition
LOS ANGELES – June 20, 2019 – Twenty-five games designed for use in K-12 education have been cited for excellence in the 2019 International Serious Play Award Program.
STEM Games winning Awards:
Gold Medal citations were awarded to:
  • Cyberchase: Railway Hero, the latest accessible game from the PBS KIDS series. The CyberSquad is on a mission to thwart a hacker and repair cyberspace’s Information SuperRailway. Along the way, they learn math skills. Produced by THIRTEEN for WNET in association with Bridge Multimedia and developed by Sudden Industries
  • HoloLAB Champions, a way for players to engage playfully with chemistry lab equipment in virtual reality developed by Schell Games
  • Network Collapse, an interactive experience that helps learners to understand basic concepts about how networks and the internet, along with a few security tools. In the game, they work to transmit and protect data. The game was created by Battelle for use by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which it manages and operates for the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Virtual Vet, a game that teaches students to recognize pre-diabetic symptoms while also helping them envision themselves in the role of a scientist. The game introduces multiple STEM career options. Developed by the College of Education at the University of Georgia
Silver Medal status went to:
  • Agrinautica, this plant-building, sandbox game is designed to help 4th and 5th graders develop pre-algebra skills as part of the Math Snacks series of games created by Learning Game Lab at New Mexico State University
  • Beats Empire, a turn-based management game where players—taking on the role of a music studio manager—analyze data of music trends to sign artists and record and release songs. Collaboratively created by Filament Games; Teachers College, Columbia University; University of Wisconsin, Madison; Georgia Institute of Technology; SRI International; and Digital Promise
  • Breaking Boundaries in Science, an interactive VR celebration of some of history’s most influential women scientists created by Filament Games and The Jane Goodall Institute for Oculus
  • Gametime, a title designed to help the students comprehend everyday STEM concepts -- and retain them. Developed by The Game Agency with Everfi
  • Hoover Dam: Industrial VR, a game where students experience the inner workings of the Hoover Dam. Developed by Pixela Labs
  • Tablecraft, a playful virtual reality game where middle-schoolers explore the Periodic Table in their own treehouse lab by combining the elements to craft common household objects and feed those objects to their virtual pet blobs, engineering their growth, poop, and offspring! Developed by Not Suspicious
Bronze Medal recognition went to:
  • Alice's Adventure, a game engine that introduces basic programming and game design to middle and senior high students created by the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University for the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center
  • Planeteers inspire adventure, creativity and learning as players and their robot companion Socke explore a newfound planet to help restore their depleted homeworld. Developed by STEAM Craft Edu
  • Shadowspect, a game-based assessment system designed to measure progress in spatial reasoning and other learning outcomes. Created by the MIT Game Lab and Fire Hose Games for the MIT Playful Journey Lab
Literacy Games winning Awards:
Gold Medal citation was awarded to:
  • Pictoword, a mobile application that combines gamification mechanics with educational content - in the form of fun and challenging word puzzles - to help students achieve proficiency in spelling and vocabulary acquisition developed by Kooapps LLC
Silver Medal status went to:
  • Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case, a tool that helps students learn critical thinking skills and engage in historical inquiry. Developed by Field Day Lab, Wisconsin Public Television Education and a cohort of 3rd-5th grade Wisconsin educators
  • Lights, Camera, Budget!, an online game to help middle/high school students learn, study and review financial literacy topics while practicing budgeting skills. Created by a collaboration between the FableVision Studios, the Georgia Council on Economic Education for Georgia Public Broadcasting and SunTrust Foundation
  • Moi Social Learning, a game for children five years old and up that allows children to interact with technology, content and social networks, learning at their own pace. Developed by Moi Social Learning for Start-Up Chile and Banco de Ideas
  • Net(R)Worth Interactive, a competitive environment where students invest in Stocks (3 types), CDs, Real Estate, Oil and cattle with the objective of accumulating a higher net worth than other participants with an option to convert their Net(R)Worth dollars to BITCOIN to purchase merchandise and subscriptions created by Donald Pellicano
  • STAX, helps students learn long-term investing strategies in just 20 minutes of gameplay. Developed by McKinney for Next-Gen Personal Finance
Bronze Medal recognition went to:
  • Fun China World, an innovative MMORPG to help people learn the Chinese language and culture in a virtual world of China. Developed by FunChinaWorld Team for FunLearnWorld Tech
  • Payback, a game that helps teens see college as an investment with benefits and risks and challenging players to make the best choices, not just the cheapest. Developed by McKinney for Next-Gen Personal Finance

Liberal Arts Subjects winning Awards:
Gold Medal citations were awarded to:
  • Mission US: For Crown or Colony? a title that combines conventions of gaming with social history to immerse players in the drama of our nation’s past. Produced by THIRTEEN for WNET in association with American Social History Project, Electric Funstuff and the Education Development Center
  • Scholastic W.O.R.D., a reading, and vocabulary program for students in Grades K-5 that uses the cataloged 2,500 high-utility word families that makeup 90% of all texts students will encounter. Created by Filament Games for Scholastic
Cognitive Skills winning Awards:
Gold Medal citations were awarded to:
  • Endeavor Healthcare Module, gives students a way to practice their investigative and deduction skills while learning about current medical technologies and exploring healthcare career options. Created by The Game Agency with Everfi
  • Tali Detect is a digital game-based assessment that enables a baseline measurement of attention in children about to start school or in their first year of education. This digital assessment will triage children at risk providing for appropriate early interventions to be delivered. Created by Tali Health with partners Monash University and Torus Games

Winners will be given a chance to attend this summer’s Serious Play Conference Events and display their games. This year conferences will be held at the University of Central Florida (UCF) July 24-26, 2019 and the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) July 10-12.

For more information, go to www.seriousplay-montreal.com and to www.seriousplay-ucf.com.

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