Printing on Post-it Notes....

Printing on Post-it Notes.....

I had not realized that I had not shared how to print on Post-it Notes. Keep in mind the instructions will remain the same but Post-it Notes come in all sizes and styles. The file I am sharing with you is for the standard Stick-it Note. Feel free to change the document to fit your Post-it Note. The document I am sharing with you is a Google Draw file, so you will need to be logged into your Google Account to use this document.

I tell my students all the time there are many many ways to use technology to get to your desired end results. If the method I am sharing with you does not work for you to feel free to modify the steps and use a different tool. You are making a copy of the file I am sharing and it will auto save to your Google Drive.

Step 1:

  • Print out the template or Master "Print On Post-it" page. Click Here to get your copy. (This is a Google Drawing File. You must be logged into your Google Account to use.)
  • This page will allow you to align your text in order to print on the Post-it Notes.

Step 2:

  • Place Post-it Notes on the squares printing out on your page.
  • Make sure the sticky side is towards the Words “Top of Print”.
  • When the Stick-it Notes go through your printer you want the sticky sections to go first so the Stick-it Notes do not get jammed in the printer.

Step 3:

  • Place your page with the Stick-it Notes in the paper tray of your printer. 
  • Try face down with the words "Top of Print” at the top of the paper tray.

Step 4:

  • Type what you want to be printed on the Stick-it Notes in the squares of this document.
  • Print
  • Remove Stick-it Notes off of the printed page.

Step 5: 
  • Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as needed.

You only need to print out the blank template when you need a new or a cleaner one.

Click Here to Make a Copy of the Template.

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