iMake-KS - An Innovative EdTech Conference ....

iMake-KS - An Innovative EdTech Conference ....

Several members of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) have noticed that I have not been as active in participating in Twitter Chats, Blog Posting, or Presenting at Conferences. This past year I decided to focus on obtaining a doctorate in education. I have focused on becoming a Teacher Leader in Digital Transformation (a.k.a. Edtech).  For my doctorate, I can either choose to do a research project or creating something. I have decided to create an Innovative Edtech Conference for my Capstone project. With the help of my PLN iMake-KS is going from a wish to a dream and into reality.

The Plan:
iMake-KS will be a two-day conference that will be held in the fall of 2019. Date and venue yet to be determined. The conference will have both in-person components as well as virtual components. I will be seeking out educators and students to share their innovative ideas, lessons, projects, etc...

Keep in mind iMake-KS is still in the development phase. If you would like to be apart of my Dream Team and help iMake-KS a reality please send me a direct message via Twitter. @katieann_76.

In-Person Components:

  • Sandbox/Play Areas - Hands-on, Experimenting, Exploring, Discovering, Making
  • Student Demonstrations
  • Student Presentations
  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations 
  • App Smashing
  • App Slams
  • Ignite Sessions
  • Reflection Areas
  • Global Project Areas

Online Components:
  • Help Sections
  • Recorded Presentations
  • Recorded Demonstrations
  • Online Challenges - Example: Digital Breakouts
  • Stream Presentations, Demonstrations, Sandbox
  • Connection Section
  • Global Projects Planning Section
  • Conference App

To stay up to date the with iMake-KS please follow the hashtag #iMakeKS. 

Student Created Digital BreakoutEDU....

Student-Created Digital BreakoutEDU....

Teaching students critical thinking skills is a struggle for teachers. Students are used to receiving information and repeating it, then moving on to the next set of information. To get students to dive in deeper and make connections is hard and time-consuming in the classroom. For the past year and a half, I have either created or used pre-made digital breakout with my students to help them learn critical thinking skills.

It dawned on me as I was teaching skills such as hyperlinking, uploading images, embedding, and just creating with digital tools that my students needed to be building digital breakouts. I am limited on the digital tools my students can use, either because they cost or the filter blocks them. SMORE is one of the tools that I use with my students. Using the free version of SMORE my students are limited to only creating three SMOREs.

My school is also a GAFE school (Google Apps for Education). SMORE is a simple way of learning how to upload images and learn to hyperlink. You can even embed a Google Form within SMORE. Before I had my students create their digital breakout in SMORE, I had them write a story and create a SMORE around their story. Giving them practice using the different options within the SMORE format.

Creating the Digital BreakoutEDU:

I placed students into groups with one student being the captain. The captain was in charge of the SMORE. Since students are limited to only being able to create three SMORES I had the captain create the digital breakout with their SMORE account. As a team, they had to devise a plan for sharing the information with the captain for it to be placed on the SMORE. The team was also required to document what role each person did in the creating of the SMORE.

The Requirements for the Digital BreakoutEDU:

  • The captain had to obtain feedback from the team on the topic their digital breakout would be over. Then decide on the theme keeping the team's interest in mind.
  • On the Google Form, they had to have 5 to 8 clues.
    • I demonstrated how to set up the Google Form for it to work correctly for the digital breakout.
  • Each link had to take the user to where a clue could be found.
  • Each image had to relate to the digital breakout & provide a clue.
  • If the Google Form needed a particular format such as a date or letters for a directional lock, then under the clue an example would be required.
  • A story or scenario was needed on the SMORE to tie all the pieces together.

Student-Created Digital BreakoutEDU:

Making Augmented Coloring Pages Meaningful ....

Making Augmented Coloring Pages Meaningful...

I get asked all the time how do you use Quiver's coloring pages in a meaningful way other than an
attention grabber?

I recently shared in the July Quiver EDU newsletter ways to use the Penguin and the Kea bird pages. (
To learn more ways to use Quiver's Augmented coloring pages in your classroom join the Quiver EDU Facebook group.  There you can get ideas, interact with the Quiver Ambassadors, and even share your ideas.  (

Don't forget to sign up for the Quiver EDU newsletters. (

Summer Apps....

Summer Apps....

I bet you are asking yourself; "What apps would an EdTech Leader load on her own children's' personal iPads/Tablets/Smartphones for the summer?" As most teachers and parents know that you lose some of the knowledge if you don't use it on a regular basis, so kids need to exercise that learning muscle.

What would an EdTech Leader load on her own children's iPads/Tablets/Smartphones? Well you are in luck. I have children at all levels.  Below is a list of apps that my children use.

All Apps are subject to change, depending on the developer.  Some may be free now and may cost later or vise a versa.   

My oldest son is in college and doesn't use a tablet other than for reading, but he still uses EdTech tools, but on his computer. Most of these web-tools do have apps.  I like to use EdTech tools that are universal.  Meaning I like to be able to touch any device and access my content being a computer, my phone or my tablet.

College EdTech Tools:

My youngest son will be entering his senior year and is busy studying for his ACT, or we like to hope he is.  He also using a computer over a tablet but does have some useful Android apps on his phone and has access to an iPad. Most of these do have apps.

High School EdTech Tools:

For the people that call me mom by mistake or out of endearment. I still call them my kids even if we are on summer break I would load these apps on their devices.

Middle School EdTech Tools:

I change my daughter's apps frequently.  When she masters a learning app I will change it out, or if I find a better creating app.  I do currently block YouTube for her, just because she was spending most of her time on non-educational videos or preschool level cartoons.  

Our rule of thumb in order to use a device the kids have to use it for educational purpose or for creating.  If they are going to use the device just to watch stupid cat videos or to play numb minding games we take it away for a short period of time.  I do allow 1 of those mind numbing games for her to play, just because sometimes you need to zone out from time to time.  If she plays it the most then I do remove them.

Mid Elementary EdTech Tools: