Now in Production ....

Now in Production ....

My 6th grade Social Studies classes have been working on Ancient Greece.  They were given the task of creating an artifact from that time period.  They had to then research what the artifact was and how it was used.  Once they had their artifact created, their research completed and typed up then they were to record infront of the Green-Screen.  The goal of this part of the project is to have pictures of their artifact displaying behind them as they tell about their artifact.  Below is an example of our project.  Keep in mind we are still learning how to work with the Green-Screen and I have 20 students in the room while we are recording.  We are also only using an iPad to do our recordings.


  • Record in a very quiet area.
  • Students need to practice standing still and delivering their presentations.
  • Have your iPad, Flip Camera, etc... on a stand.
  • Train students to be your "Tech Aides".

The Software:

  • We used the built in camera on the iPad to record our video clips.
  • We used iMovie to create our Green-Screen video project.  We had to change the preferences in iMove to "Show Advance settings" before we can add the Green-Screen effect.

As we finish this project I will post the step by step instructions we did to finalize our Ancient Greece Artifact Project.

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