Seeing A Different Kind of Reality...

Seeing A Different Kind of Reality...

Google Glass has made a wave of excitement by introducing Augmented Reality.  I was introduced to Augmented Reality during the MACE conference's by the keynote speaker.  I found it very intriguing and just had to learn how to create this different kind of reality.  I did a little research and found a company LAYAR that offeres a augmented reality reader and creator that was free.  Being a teacher free is the best price for my classroom.  

You can use any type of image, artwork, picture, and etc... as the TRIGER image for your Augmented Reality the only catch is that it will need to be digital.  Which means if it is a drawing or artwork of some kind you will need to take a picture of it or scan it.  I first tired it out with 2 digital pictures of myself and overlaid a link to my classroom website, Tweeter feed, a slideshow, and a YouTube video.  I used the LAYAR creator to make my Augmented Reality.  After I had published my new campaign I was able to use the LAYAR APP to view my new reality. 

Changing Presentations:

After I taught myself how to use the LAYAR creator I had my students create a presentation to overlay on top of a picture I already had them.  My goal was to have it look like they were holding their presentation. 


Original Picture
When scanned with the
LAYAR App she holds an
 interactive presentation.


  • Make your trigger object is digital. (Take a picture of it or scan it.)
  • You have to verify your email account before you publish and make your Augmented Reality live.
  • Test your campaign before others try to scan your trigger image, just to make sure it is all working.

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