Light UP Your World .... Augmented LED Greeting Cards .....

Light UP Your World .... Augmented LED Greeting Cards .....

If you haven't noticed that augmented reality happens to be a passion of mine and I love finding new ways to use it in my classroom.  For my STEM class I designed a lesson that incorporates LED lights and augmented reality.  My students will be designing circuits for cards that light up LED lights when an area on the card is pressed.  Then they will be adding an augmented component to the cards.  The augmented component could be a video message, a Christmas song, and or pictures. Anything that can be digital can be added to the augmented component.

Try out my sample card.  I used Blippar to build my augmented component so you will need to download the Blippar app to view the augmented part.  In the settings within the app you will need to enter the code (17117). To get to the settings click on the button at the bottom of the screen and then the gear. Then select "Enter Code".  Once the code has been entered then scan the image below.  Turn up your sound and enjoy.  In the augmented part of my card is a how to video on how to make the card with LED lights.

Scan with the Blippar App - Enter Code 17117

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