Augmented Pumpkin Carving ... by Quiver

Augmented Pumpkin Carving ... by Quiver

Even thought Halloween my be over the fun of augmented reality and changing how we view the world will never end.  I love Quiver's new pumpkin carving page.  This page is a great way to teach shapes, design, and creativity.  I was traveling when I was notified about Quiver's new page and just had to try it.  Since I couldn't print out the page I loaded it in Google Drawing and added my special design.  I was blown away.

This would be a great way to introduce vocabulary, math problems, a character, and so much more.  The possibilities are endless.   As a mom this would be a great way to hold the Wilson's annual pumpkin carving contest and turn their carvings into place mats.

The kicker was not only seeing my design cut out on the pumpkin, but seeing the lit candle glowing inside.  I did try it with words. You do need to have very thick lines but the words did show up cut out on the pumpkin.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

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