iGeek ... Augmented Presentations ....

iGeek ... Augmented Presentations ....

When I first learned about augmented reality about 4 years or so ago, my mind went crazy thinking of ways I could use this mind blowing tool.  One of the 1st projects I did with my students I call iGeek.  It is a way my students can show off their passion and what makes them who they are. I've been doing this project for four years and it was actually the 1st project I added augmented reality to.  At the time I used Layar as the augmented platform.  I had to pick between Aurasma and Layar.  I went with Layar because I could load more than 1 trigger image into a campaign.  With Aurasma I had to use the same iPad that I used to create to see the augmented content and that wasn't going to work for me.  I hung the trigger pictures like a photo boarder in my classroom.  With Layar you can only keep projects alive for only a certain period of time.  When I 1st started it was a year and it changed to like 60 days.  Our 1st augmented iGeek projects have since closed down but the trigger images remain on my wall.  This project has become a legacy project.  Which I wouldn't have even dreamed it could be so special to kids.  Kids come in and always look for their older brother, sister, cousin, or family friend and comment that they can't wait to be apart of the project.

Trigger Image -  Code 16631
Last year I tried this project with Daqri but it just didn't quite work.   When you have 40+ students that participate in the project and you are only allowed 25 trigger objects alive at one time just didn't fly.  This year we are using the BlippBuilder to create our augmented experience and we added an element to the augmented content.   I recorded the students as they presented and we added the recording to the augmented content. When the trigger image is scanned their interactive presentation pops into their hands and a button to watch their video also appears.  The bonus is these trigger images will stay alive as long as I need them to.  The double bonus now future kids can hear for themselves why a certain kid geeks what he or she geeks.  I do have next to the photo boarder the instructions on how to use the app and the code they need in order to see the augmented content.

My goals is to help fuel their passion and to continue to follow their dreams.  You never know where your dreams will take you or who you touch along the way.

Augmented Image

Sign I put next to the photo boarder.

You can click here to see one of our 1st augmented iGeek projects. 


iGeek Lesson

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

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