Building an Augmented Word Wall for Charlotte's Web....

Building an Augmented Word Wall for Charlotte's Web....

Teachers get blown away when I show them ways that they can incorporate augmented reality content to their classrooms.  I get asked all the time to give examples of how they can you use this tool to engage their students.  A fun engaging way to add augmented reality is to build an augmented word wall.  I am currently working on one for Charlotte's Web.  Using the self-publishing BlippBuilder tool by BlipparEdu I took a handful of words from the book Charlotte's Web and added a little augmented reality.  You will need the Blippar app.  In the Blippar app settings (looks like a gear) you will need to enter the code 17366.  Then scan the above image.  Turn up your volume!

Augmented word walls are a great way to add differentiation to a lesson.  With this trigger I have it set to auto play sound.  I've also loaded a animated video that I created, and a link to the definition.  This way I can reach the student that needs to hear it, the one that needs to see it, and the one that needs to read it to understand.

These triggers don't necessarily have to be on the wall you could have student adhere them to their vocab notebook or journal.  Adding these triggers to notebooks can also make them an interactive notebook.

I've been trying to share some augmented lessons and activities. I will be posting more in our Augmented Reality for Education Google Group. Feel free to join the group, connect, learn, and share with others.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

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