The Mayflower Augmented Writing Prompt ....

The Mayflower Augmented Writing Prompt ....

Teachers always ask me how can they incorporate augmented content into appropriate grade level lessons and or activities.  If you can give me a grade level and a topic you would like to see an augmented lesson or activity I can normally come up with a pretty engaging lesson and or activity.  It may take me a day or two to find the right trigger or create one that will work for your topic.  I also like to try and include the common core standard with the lesson and or activity.

With AugThat's help and their "An Ocean Landscape" 360° Environment trigger I created two activities.  The 1st activity focuses on observations and listening skills.  The 2nd activity is the writing prompt asking kids to think about what it might be like to live on a ship.  To get access to this trigger to use with these activities you will need to fill out AugThat's 1 Million Kids form or have access to their 360° Environments.


The Mayflower Augmented Writing Prompt
This lesson also has Kagan structures.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

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