Making Compound Words with Augmented Reality ....

Making Compound Words with Augmented Reality ....

I get asked a lot how can you use augmented reality beyond the "Wow" factor and make it meaningful. There are many ways to incorporate augmented reality into your lessons.  You can have your students create interactive augmented notebooks, augmented book talks/reports, augmented word walls, and so much more. I recently had a teacher friend ask me if there was a way to show words combining visually to make compound words.  As I was working on the "Let's Make 10" augmented game, it came to me how I could show compound words.

Using the "Making Compound Words" with the "Making Compounds" Board along with the Blippar app students can scan the cards and see if they make a compound word.  I currently only have 4 compound words complete and plan to create more.  I am even thinking of adding audio to the augmented experience.

When using this board and its cards remember to go to the app's settings and enter the code "17472" before you scan.  Just a tip scan the whole board, making sure the entire board appears on your device.  You will want to click on the X at the top of your device's screen in between scans.  You may even want to shrink the app or even close it between scans.  This will help clear out the previous scan, and keep the app from being confused.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

Making Compound Words:

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