Learning with YouTube...

Wrapped Yarn Project

Learning with YouTube ....

Pinterest has recently became my new best friend.  I am such a visual person and I love being able to save a picture that is linked to a resource I can use.  One of the resources I saved was how to wrap large letters with yarn.  This project looked very doable for this "Do It Yourself" person.  After I was done with that project I had lots of yarn leftover.  As a young girl I watch my mom crochet tons of different items.  I thought to myself what the heck I should give crocheting a try.

Since I have really never been very good at crocheting I thought I would do a little research on YouTube and find some video clips that would help me with this new project.  Within minutes of my research I found several videos that went step by step on how to do a simple chain pattern.  What I loved the most about learning via a Youtube video is that I can pause and go back as many times as I needed.  After a few fail attempts I was able to make a baby doll blanket for my Angel's baby doll she had gotten for her birthday.

As a teacher and teaching technology skills and Ancient History I see many benefits of using YouTube in the classroom.

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Crochet Baby Doll Blanket

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