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I have been trying to flip my instruction around and had a bright idea.  All year I have been giving my students a packet that is full of information about the topic we are studying.  Instead of me lecturing what they needed to learn I was trying to guide them to find the most important information out of the packet.  My bright idea was to create online games to help guide my students.  You can only play the Jeopardy game or Who Wants to be a Millionaire games for so long before students start to get tired of them.  So in search of some free tools I found this webtool Review Game Zone.

Step 1:  Create your FREE teacher account.
Step 2: Add a "New Test".
Step 3: Enter your questions.
Step 4: Share with your students.

Students can preview the questions in the game.  Select from a wide variety of games which has the same questions embedded in them.  Students can even take the online quiz and get instant feedback.

If you search for Wilson in the teachers window you will find all of my games I have made (Katie Ann Wilson) or you can click on the games listed below.

Games I have made via Review Game Zone:

I have also created games via Super Teacher Tools.


  1. Anonymous11/22/2013

    What a great site. Thanks for the post. I think its great that you can submit questions and the site automatically turns the data into games. My students love the site and I have made 4 games. Great test review! :-) Thanks.

  2. Have you tried the paid version? I was curious if it was worth the money.


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