From Word Wall to Quizzes

From a Word Wall to Quizzes...

For the past few weeks I've been teaching my 8th grade computer apps class students how to use an online tool to collaborate, another online tool to create online flashcards, and yet another tool to tie it all together and create online quizzes.  With Common Core in full swing it is important that students can apply what they are learning.  Business today want their employees to be able to collaborate, communicate, gather data, and produce results.  To meet this demand I created a unit that walks students through these steps and learn some technology words in the process.  

Step 1: Students research 10 words they think relate to technology in some format.
Step 2: Students collaborate using an online cork board for example a.ka. Wallwisher/Padlet.  During this time they are to communicate via email so that no technology words are used more than once.
Step 3: Students then pick any 15 technology words from this online word wall and create online flashcards using Quizlet.
Step 4: Students study other student created flashcards.
Step 5: Students create a online quiz using Google Forms.
Step 6: Students randomly take 10 different student created quizzes.
Step 7: Students create a chart that best represents their results of their quiz.

We are currently one the step of creating a chart that best represents their results.

Tech Tip:

To help organize students' flashcards and quizzes I have created an Symbaloo board.  Using a Symbaloo board helps keep my students focused and on the task at hand.

My Examples:

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