Willy the Wiggle Worm

Willy the Wiggle Worm ...

To help introduce the letter of the week I created this cute little story about Willy.  He is a fun little wiggle worm that loves to wiggle his way around, he also loves watermelons.  This little tale was made thanks to Little Bird Tales.  I used Google Draw to illustrate this story but you can also use Little Bird Tales. 

Click here to view Willy the Wiggle Worm. 

Tech Tip:

  • I would have students write their story before creating it in Little Bird Tales.
  • Save and Save often.  If you don't use will lose what you worked on.
  • Don't forget to give your tale a title.  If you don't you will have 50 Katie's Tales and will not know which tale is which.
  • If recording their voices make sure they are in a quiet room.

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