Becoming a Resource .....

Becoming a Resource .....

The moment you realize you are a resource for other educators is just priceless.  I had that moment today. I've been busy this week tweaking my personal website and was looking for all of the interviews and other resources I had created. As I was searching I noticed my name was tagged for the TCEA 2014 Convention. I thought to myself for a little bit, I know 2014 had been a busy year for me but I was pretty sure I had not attended the TCEA convention, even though I would have loved too.  I became a little curious and followed the link.  To my surprise I was a resource for Debra Atchison's presentation about green-screen projects.  I was overjoyed to learn I had became a resource for someone.

I became a little more curious so I did a little searching and discovered the following people had me as a resource of some kind:

I am sure there are more, those were the first ones I came across.

I love discovering how I have inspired others, helped others, and touched others in some way.  You really never know the impact you have.  As I continue on my path of being a presenter, trainer, speaker, and blogger I can't wait to see how I have inspired others.

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