App / Tool of the Week .... Santa Spy Cam

App / Tool of the Week .... Santa Spy Cam

I friend shared this app with me that brings a little magic of Christmas alive.  I had just put up our Christmas tree and thought I would give this little app a try.  In a blink of an eye there was this elf coming out of my tree doing a little jig and I got it all caught on video with my phone.  I had left my phone out and went to bed.  My 4 year old had discovered on her own the video clip that got recorded the night before.  She integrated her teenage brothers trying to learn how this video got on my phone.  She came to the conclusion that it was magic.  All day we have been receiving lessons from the littlest Wilson on how magic works.

The Santa Spy Cam app came just in time to reintroduce our Elf on the Shelf and spark a little Christmas magic.

What this app really does is bring a little Augmented Reality to the holidays.  I can see this app being used for a creativity writing project in a classroom, introduce the Elf on the Shelf, or to catch that sneaky Santa on Christmas Eve.  

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