The Power of One ....

The Power of One ....

Say something you saw sparked an interest with you and you wanted to know more about it.  You look for people that may know more about the thing that inspired you. You join Twitter, look for a Facebook Page, attend a conference, and etc...   Find what works for you and use it.  After you find what works, build your own Personal Learning Environment.  

Once you learn more about what inspired you don't be afraid to go forward and try something new. Don't be afraid to create, explore, and really discover.  If you get stuck reach out and ask your PLE for help or ask Google, Bing, or YouTube.  Don't settle, find out more, explore, play in the sandbox, see what you can do with what inspired you.

Now share what you have learned.  

  • Show Someone
  • Demonstrate
  • Explain
  • Inspire Someone
Then reflect on what you have learned, who you have shared with, and who they have shared with. That one thing you wanted to learn more about has now became the inspiration for others.  You became the Power of One just because you shared.

That one thing that I wanted to learn more about was Augmented Reality and how to create a Green-Screen Effect.

Inspiration is everywhere don't be afraid to explore and then share.

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