Bringing Life to the Holidays....

Bringing Life to the Holidays ....

When I was younger holiday get togethers where nonexistent, which happens when you have a dysfunctional family life.  After I got married the annual Thanksgiving dinner tradition began.  Eric and I always found time to return to his parents' house to enjoy a family dinner followed by a round of Hearts or other fun card games.

After almost twenty years of the Wilson's tradition it shifted just a little. The family dinner seems to hosted at my house along with the fun family card games.  I really don't mind being the hostess for these once in a life time memories.  Eric has loving memories going to his grandmas for Thanksgiving and or Christmas.  Some days I am jealous of his childhood memories and other days I am not.  I am now the mom that makes sure that everyone has a wonderful memory.  I even giggle a little at Eric who is panicking at the darn turkey getting dry or not as he is trying to smoke it.

I resent asked why our joined family loved coming to our small house to either a Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner and the response was overwhelming.  For some reason the people around me believe that I am the heart of it all.  To them my house is warm and comforting.

I foresee my children will love coming home for the holidays, which will happen in a few years if I am ready for it our not.  I think in some way I may even be looking forward to it.  I just pray that one of my sons finds an amazing wife (which I know that they will) that one day will take on the tradition of hosting the family get togethers.  It has taken me 20 years to be the heart of it all.  I hope my future daughter in-law will not get discourage.  Don't worry I know when my daughter is ready she will take it all over and will be the heart of the family get togethers.   I've been told she has one amazing mother as a role model.

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