Augmented Interactive Boards....

Augmented Interactive Boards....

Augmented triggers bring learning to life and engages students like nothing before.  Harnessing the power that AR has I've created an Augmented Interactive Board for my STEM class.  On the board I've included triggers from AugThat.  We are currently designing and building bridges out of paper, I call it my "Paper Bridge Challenge".  On the board I have few augmented 360 triggers of views from a bridge or looking at a bridge to help spark some creativity for the designing process.  I've also included 3D model AR trigger of the Golden Gate Bridge which I hang on a hook on the board.  My students can take the 3D AR model back to their work area and explore the model as they are designing and building their bridge.  I have also made some augmented triggers that guide students on how they could use paper to build their bridges.

When a student is needing a little more reinforcement to solve their design problem they can access the triggers when they need to. I am also reinforcing the concept of scale and ratios by asking my students to design a scale model of their bridge before they construct their bridge.  To help with these concepts I am using AugThat's STAR sheets which have an augmented animated lesson on each sheet over the concept.

Having this board has really changed my classroom into a student center learning environment.  

Augmented Interactive Board Ideas:

  • Math Challenges
  • Literacy Units
  • Elements Board
  • Building Character
  • Art Displays
  • Student of the Week
  • Famous Person in History
  • News


  1. Love it! Now I have to build one that is portable, so I can travel with it all over the district. You rock!

    1. You could do a 3 fold presentation board and put AR triggers on it. ;-)

  2. I love the idea. It would be the great thing to follow.


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