Quiver Education and Ambassador Program ...

Quiver Education and Ambassador Program ... 

Quiver is launching an Ambassador program plus a new Education Portal.  The plan for the educational portal is for it to become a resource for teachers who wants to use AR (augmented reality) in the classroom. This will include everything from lesson plans, webinars, research, introductions to edTech mentors, discounts on tech and loads more. It all is going to start with getting an awesome group of ambassadors who use AR already.  So are you AR ready?  Are you currently using augmented content in your classroom and would love to share how you use it with your students?  If so you will be perfect for Quiver's ambassador program.  Fill out the form and together we can grow a powerful learning community!  (http://www.quivervision.com/education-portal

This is a brand new program that's not just going to focus on augmented reality but engage, innovative, interactive lessons and activities.  What I love about the new community is that educators can help guide Quiver by letting them know what they are needing. The community is not only going to connect educators with mentors but it also gives teachers a voice.

If you want to be one of those mentors and help shape the community, as well as some future professional learning days apply to be an ambassador.  (http://www.quivervision.com/education-portal

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