How Was Your Summer Break? - Augmented Activity ....

How Was Your Summer Break? - Augmented Activity ....

Summertime Island
It is that time of year when it feels like Christmas for teachers, Back to School time.  Before school even starts teacher design some fun activities to break the ice so to speak and get kids back into the swing of things.  To get kids engaged and excited about school again why not use augmented activities.  It has been proven that coloring helps reduce stress and calms the mind.  The 1st day of school can have some kids on edge, nervous, and stressed.  Why not use one of Quivers Summer Time coloring pages to help reduce that stress, call the nerves, and engage students all at the same time.

What did you do this summer? Activity:

You can do this as a bell ringer type activity as kids are filling up the room, a center, or even a whole class activity. 

Have a copy of the Summer Time (FREE) coloring page for each student as well as crayons, coloring pencils, highlighters, markers, and etc.. ready for your students.  I would print two of the coloring pages on a sheet of paper, one to save paper and two so that the coloring page will fit better in their journals.  I would have all of these at one table with a pup-tent saying "Have fun Coloring" on one side and "What did you do this summer?" on the other side.  Allowing students to mingle and talk about their summer.  When I am ready to start class or to bring everyone together I would have them sit down on the rug, in a chair, and etc... with their coloring page.  I would talk to them about how we where going to use one of their spiral notebooks as their writing journal.  I would give them time later to decorate their covers for their journal. I have an example of a writing journal ready for students that need to see it to understand.  I would demonstrate that we were going to glue their coloring sheet to one side of the page and write on the facing page.  I would then set them free to write about what they did during the summer.  Reminding them that police their writing and don't forget to use capital letters and punctuation.

After students had finished their writing assignment explain to them that their coloring page comes to life.  Have an iPad or so ready for students to use.  You may want to explain to the students to look for the same icon that is on the coloring page to help them find the correct app to use.  Allow time for them to interact with their creation.   

If I was a Dolphin Trainer Activity:

You will need a copy of the Summertime Island (Cost) coloring page from Quiver per student. I would print two of the coloring pages on a sheet of paper, one to save paper and two so that the coloring page will fit better in their journals.  Have them attach their coloring page into their writing journals.

Have them interact with the coloring page via the Quiver app to help them get inspiration on being a dolphin trainer.  After they have had time interacting with the page then give them the writing prompt "If I was a dolphin trainer ...."  You may want to allow some research time as well for students to find facts about dolphins and dolphin trainers.   Students can also take pictures and video of the dolphin via the tools in the Quiver app.  You may want students to add their pictures to their journal and or a QR code that redirects them to their video clip.

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