EdcampGlobal 2016 and Resources ...

EdcampGlobal 2016 and Resources ...

Edcamp Global is a powerful learning experience.  It is non-stop learning opportunities for 24 hours on a variety of social media platforms.  Some of the facilitators use Periscope, Twitter, Voxer, and Google Hangouts. It is a Edcamp so it is like a round table, where everyone comes together and have a discussion and share.  I love to share augmented in education so I seem to take the lead during the session I lead.  I do record the sessions I facilitate so no worries if you couldn't participate during the session you can go back and watch the recording.  There are a lot of sessions offered during Edcamp Global on a variety of platforms so participants can pick what they would like to learn or share more about.

Below are the recordings for both of my sessions along with the resources I promised to share out.


I love Edcamps!  They are a great way to learn what you want to learn about.  They are also a great way to share what you are doing in the classroom and to build your PLN. We are stronger together.

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