Augmented Art Show.... via Quiver

Augmented Art Show.... via Quiver

I love discovering new ways to use Quiver's Dot Day coloring page. As I was thinking about this week #AR4Learning Twitter chat it dawned on me.  Why not have an augmented art show.  The reason I picked to use the Dot Day coloring page by Quiver is that Quiver has built in a recording tool within the app.  Not just a camera feature but a video and or audio recorder.

My thought for this Augmented Art Show is to have students make their creation inside the Dot Day circle.  When they interact with their creation they can record it.  The can also record a selfie with their creation and explain what it is, why they created, what they used to create it, and etc...

Your recording saves to your camera roll.  From there you can share out the recordings into iMovie, Spark, SMORE, social media, and etc.. Quiver currently doesn't have a platform for you to create your own augmented content so you will would need to use Blippar or Aurasma to add the recording as the augmented content.  You could take a picture of the artist interacting with their creation via the Quiver app.  Take that picture and import it into the AR creation platform you use and use that as your trigger.  Then hang all of the pictures you took of the artists interacting with their creations next to their art work.  I would also post simple instructions on scanning the artist's pictures and the art work.  Talk about an art show being very interactive.  You wouldn't have to create your own augmented trigger, you could share the Quiver video on your favorite online platform (Class Facebook, Class Twitter, Class Instagram, Class website, and etc...)

What inspired me to want students to think about augmented art was the artist Leon Keer.  His amazing 3D street art one is just unbelievable and two he has added augmented content to it.  Talk about seeing art in a different perspective, not just art but everything.  I am always trying to find ways for my students to think but to look outside of the box.  Every creation starts with a spark, mark, dot, line, and imagination. I can't wait to see what kind of augmented art students start to create!

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