Create Your Own Pocket Monster via Quiver....

Create Your Own Pocket Monster via Quiver....

Pokémon Go has definitely has taken augmented reality into the mainstream.  Kids of all ages are being drawn in to play with the interactive game.  As I prepare for the next school year I can't but help to think about ways I can use Pokémon Go with my students.  Since I love augmented reality and love Quiver's Dot Day page I thought how cool it would be to design my own Pokémon via Quiver's Dot Day page.

Meet Brainy he is a very unique pocket monster.  When he is busy thinking his thoughts bubbles up and he lets them burst all around him.  He uses his thought bubbles to help others solve problems of all kinds.  Sometimes the thought bubbles help and other times they take others around him to magical places and they forget what they were working on.  Just depending on what Brainy is thinking about.

I used Quiver's Dot Day page and Google Draw to create Brainy and Brainy's Stats page.  Within Quiver's app you can record video clips.  Above is a little recording of Brainy in action. 

In your classroom you can challenge students to create their own pocket monsters.  They will need stats as well as a back story for each monster.  To bring the augmented world to those pocket monster I would have students create them using Quiver's Dot Day coloring sheet.  You can use any digital tools to create the pocket monsters stats.  Buncee would be tool to use.  Students could upload the picture of their monster. One monster per slide and add its stats.  Google Draw is another great tool to use.  There are tons out there pick the one you are most comfortable using or one that you want to learn how to use.  The call is yours.  

To learn ways that Pokémon Go has inspired me for my classroom visit Quiver's Blog.


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