App Smashing ... Augmented Reality Style ....

App Smashing ... Augmented Reality Style ....

Quiver Fireworks page with Fresh Paint App
Just like learning there isn't just one tool that fits all needs.  I love trying out different tools with each other to see what kind of masterpiece I can create.  To help celebrate the 4th of July I held a "Create Your Own Fireworks" contest.  Everyone had the same Quiver fireworks coloring sheet and were allowed to use any tools even digital to create their one of a kind fireworks.  I decided I would try the app Fresh Paint from the Microsoft app store along with my Surface stylist.  My daughter decided to use Google Draw and lots of stickers.

As I was trying out the variety of tools within the Fresh Paint my mind went right to how can I use this app and Quiver page in the classroom, it must be a teacher thing.  My 1st thought for the page was what a great way to introduce the Chinese New Year or book of celebration. Maybe even a book on being brave such as Max By: Bob Graham or The Adventures of Sparrowboy By: Brian Pinkney.  The writing prompt or group discussion could be: What would you celebrate?  What achievements or accomplishments have you met that caused a celebration?

Once your students have either written about what they would celebrate you could talk about different ways others celebrate around the world, making world and culture connections.  Then have students read about books with topics of being brave, over coming a hard obstacle, etc..  I would then have students either write about overcoming obstacles and ways you can be brave or create a visual presentation using tools such as Buncee, Google Slides, Smore, and etc...

Finally I would have students design their own fireworks that they could use to celebrate their accomplishments or achievements.  They could pull out their personal fireworks scan the page and watch their personal fireworks display, while doing their own little happy dance.  Something subtle, nothing that would disturb the class or school.  I believe we need to teach your kids to celebrate achieving something that was really hard for them.  Give themselves a little pat on the back, celebrate the positive, and feel good at what they have accomplished.  What may have been a breeze and not really a challenge for one person is a getting over the mountain for another one.

Quiver Fireworks page with Google Draw
The Fresh Paint app is a Windows app.  On tablets there are other apps that would allow you to bring in a picture file such as a jpg or png and allow you to add, color, paint, and draw on top of the image. For my iPad I use the Drawing Desk app.  There is also the Adobe Sketch app that will also allow you to bring in an image to work with.  I am sure that there are other drawing apps out there that you can use with Quiver's coloring pages.

I would give each student Quiver's Fireworks coloring page digitally as a jpg.  There are many ways to do this.  I would use a LMS such as Edmodo SeeSaw that students can download material to their device.  Have them each design their fireworks how ever they felt like.  Then I would do the buddy system.  One buddy loads their page on their device while the other buddy loads the Quiver app.  Using the device with the Quiver app loaded the two buddies can interactive with the 1st buddy's fireworks.  Then have them switch roles.   Keeping their customized fireworks on a device or digital folder will also help one organize students but also keep the fireworks from being lost and students can pull it out scan it over course with a send device and celebrate.

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