Moving Ahead in Augmented Reality in Education ....

Moving Ahead in Augmented Reality in Education ....

Quiver is working really hard to develop some amazing augmented educational content.  They are needing your input as they make plans for the future.  What you may not know is the more content you load into one app it starts to slow down the app.  They are wanting to know if you would like the educational content broken up into more than one Quiver Education app that focuses on a certain subject.  For example science, language arts, social studies and etc..

Take a moment and let Quiver know your thoughts by filling out this form. -

Triggers of the Week:

Things that GO:

I would have a center with different augmented coloring pages.  I would have students organize the pages but things that go with a motor verses things that don't have a motor.  For self-check students could scan the pages and see if they really move because they have a motor.  These two pages are from Quiver's Education. (

To take the "Things that Go" further you could have students build their own transportation via LEGOs, recycled materials, and etc..

To learn more about augmented reality in education join us every Thur. at 8pm central for the Twitter chat #AR4Learning.  This week's topic is using augmented reality with younger learners and next week's topic will be focusing on STEM/STEAM.

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  1. Anonymous9/24/2016

    And what would the point be, I wonder? What objectives are you trying to meet?


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