#NOTatISTE16 Part 2 ....

#NOTatISTE16 Part 2 ....

My #NOTatISTE16 didn't go to plan.  My daughter and I had planned for this fun photowalk and a storm decided to brew.  On our 2nd attempt for a #NOTatISTE16 photowalk the sun was so bright that we had to stand on the side of the mini statue of Liberty. Over all the photowalk turned out for the best.  We had a blast and giggled a lot.  I even got a chance to play with a new picture in picture app on my phone.

I presented a second #NOTatISTE16 GHO session on the topic of Using Pre-Made Augmented Triggers.  Now when I say "Pre-Made" I am meaning items that you did not make, but someone else has.  It could be from another teacher or an AR company.  There are now several AR companies out there that are making some pretty cool augmented content.  In my session I just mentioned a few.  If you need more information about a company or ways to use AR with your students or subject matter just shout.  I am only a message away.

Recording of my session.

Slides from my session.


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