Augmenting Ancient Rome ... Travel Brochure

Augmenting Ancient Rome ... 

AugThat's 360 Roman Colosseum
Spotlight Augmented Trigger of the Week



Have students record their observations/findings in a notebook.  Place the AugThat's Roman Colosseum image in their notebooks.  Have students scan the image with the AugThat app and explore the area around the Colosseum while researching and creating of their brochure to give them inspiration.  
  • Using the above resources compare Ancient Rome with modern Rome and see how many of the buildings are still around now. 
  • Which building is Rome famous for?
  • How long did it take to build the Roman Colosseum?
  • How many people can the Colosseum hold?
  • What was the original name of the Roman Colosseum?


Create a travel brochure for Ancient Rome with the main attraction being the Roman Colosseum. Use AugThat's Roman Colosseum as one of the images for the brochure. Before students begin provide students with samples of real travel guides.  Ask students to identify what makes each travel brochure effective. Their Travel Brochure could be a Here/Now type brochure or could be two different brochures, one for the past and one for current Rome.

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  1. Lovely brochure picture of the Colosseum. Italian cities are rich for ancient culture. There are so many places to visit and extend your history and culture knowledge. You will be so excited about this journey, believe me. As for brochure, I would add an Leaning tower of Pisa to attract more tourists' willing to visit Italy. I'm practicing at creating brochures and stuff with powerpoint and There is so much fun, I must say. Never mind it would be so easy and interesting at the same time.


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