#NOTatISTE16 Part 1 ....

#NOTatISTE16 Part 1 ....

I wasn't able to attend ISTE this year even though it was really close but yet too far away, so I did the next best thing and attended and presented via #NOTatISTE16.  I really love the #NOTEatISTE community.  It is a chance to connect, learn, and share with others from around the world without leaving my small midwest town.  My favorite part of participating in the #NOTatISTE community is making my badge.  This year I didn't make a ribbon just because the ribbons provided fit me to a tee.  It was nice to see that someone gets me and I am among my tribe!

I presented today via the #NOTat ISTE Ignite session on Augmented Interactive Student Notebooks.  It was a quick session in hopes that I light a flame in someone and to also show the endless possibles of using augmented reality with student notebooks.  I will present on Tues. again on the topic of Using Augmented Pre-Made Triggers.  Feel free to join me!

I did create the slides for my session from Buncee.  I really love their fun creative content.  I am also collecting some resources from the ISTE sessions being shared out.  Feel free to use any of the resources I share.

Recording of my session.

Slides from my session.

Resources from ISTE:

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