#AR4Learning ... Bringing Learning to Life....

#AR4Learning ... Bringing Learning to Life....

#AR4Learning Booster - https://goo.gl/31OLRu

I've been sharing how powerful using augmented educational content can be for over 4 years now.  I do have to admit it when creating the content yourself it does take some time to put together.  It also takes money and these two things teachers really do not have much of.  So I have launched a Booster campaign to help bring augmented educational project to life for teachers and students.  All proceeds will go towards creating augmented educational projects that will be shared with educators world wide.

Proceeds of my book will also go towards augmented educational projects.  I will be sharing via my blog the augmented educational projects as well as other crowd-source funding opportunities to help bring these project to life.

The 1st augmented project will do with Algebra.  Math is a hard subject for some students to grasp, and algebra can be a little harder to understand.  The project's goal is to create interactive augmented content that focuses on algebra concepts for middle to high school level learners.  With your help together we can bring learning to life.

Join us at 8pm central on June 9th as we talk about using augmented math content on Twitter by following the hashtag #AR4Learning or join us in the GHO.



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