Finding Shapes .... Augmented Reality Style

Finding Shapes .... Augmented Reality Style

AugThat's 360 Louver Pyramid
Spotlight Augmented Trigger of the Week

There are many ways to use augmented content such as a scavenger hunt.  I would have several augmented 360 triggers in a math center area along with the instructions of recording what 2D shapes and 3D shapes they see and how many of each.  With their findings I would then have students create a chart to represent their data.  I would then have students compare their charts to see of they all saw the same shapes and number of shapes.  To give students experience defending their findings I would have them create some kind of a visual aid or presentation such as an infograph, Adobe Voice presentation, Smore Flyer, etc...  Students could use tools such as Explain Everything, Educreations, Google Draw, etc.. to create visuals for their project.  I would then have students present and defend their findings to the class.  

Using the augmented trigger above scan it with the AugThat app.  What 2D and 3D shapes do you see and how many of each?  Create a chart using any chart making tool.  I would use Google Sheets, but there are other online chart making tools.  Then create me a visual explaining your findings.  You can use any "Web Based" tool or a tool/app that is easy to share via the internet.

After you have made your visualization to defend your findings join us on June 9th at 8pm central for #AR4Learning GHO and Twitter chat and share what you discovered.


Suggestions for an Infographic:

Suggestions for a Flyer:

Suggestions for a Visual Presentation:

Suggestions for Apps:

  • Educreations
  • Explain Everyting
  • Haiku Deck
  • Edu Buncee
  • Prezi
  • Adobe Voice
  • Adobe Shark
  • Adobe Create
  • Canva
  • Nearpod
  • Shadow Puppet Edu
  • Deck Slideshow Presentations
  • 30hands Starter: Creative & Show What You Know
  • Doodlecast Pro
  • InkFlow

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