#NOTatISTE16 Part 3 ....

#NOTatISTE16 Part 3 ....

ISTE (International Society in Education) is a mega educational technology conference.  Since attending such conference cost a pretty penny I've only had a few chances to attend the conference in person.  For the majority part of the time I've used social media to learn from a distant and gather resources. Just like the big blue bear I get a chance to peer into the conference. This is my 2nd time attending the conference via the #NOTatISTE group.  I really love the connections I've made via the group.  Thank you so much for organizing the group and having such fun activities for us who are not at ISTE to participate in.

Below are some resources I've gathered via or during the ISTE conference and can be used in a MakerSpace, STEM and STEAM classes.  The common theme during the conference was to give students choices.  I think with the resources I've gathered will defiantly give students choices.

In my opinion coding and robotics shouldn't be separate from computer science and computer science shouldn't be separate from STEM/STEAM/MakerED.  They all go hand-in-had just like reading, math, social studies, and science.

My Sessions via Buncee:


Computer Science Material:


With robotics students need to go past driving them and making marks for them to follow.  Students need to learn to program them.


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